StakeCubeCoin – New chain started

As stated in our swap info article, we started the new chain yesterday (october 1st) and mined the genesis block on DASH codebase.

Furthermore we have:

  • Renamed the old (PIVX fork) GitHub repository to StakeCubeCoin-Archive
  • Renamed the final GitHub repository from scc to StakeCubeCoin
  • Updated the first explorer:
  • Temporarily changed our rewards page to a swap countdown
  • Temporarily disabled the bonus validation (ie. new masternodes registered on platform will be validated like usual, ‘old’ masternodes which need to be destroyed to swap will stay valid for swap period; so you have no loss of benefits)
  • Sporks for features (InstantSend, ChainLocks, …) activated

Edit oct. 3th:

What happens next?

Today we will continue to slowly mine the first blocks until block 101 is reached. This makes the ‘premine’ mature and we can send the first 3,000 SCC to set up 3 masternodes, which are needed to pass block 200 (MN payment start block). Of course we also monitor the new chain and each block to ensure a smooth swap procedure for everyone.

Edit oct. 3th: 3 MNs successfully running

Next, we compile the new wallet for all major operating systems and release it on GitHub incl. all guides and tools.
In parallel we will once again inform all exchanges, explorer, mining pools and other third party services they can start the implementation (and testing).

Once block 480,000 is reached (approx. 2 days), we will request the old SCC from all swap supporting platforms for validation and send them the new coins in a 1:1 ratio.


During the fair launch phase (up to block 5,000 on new chain) everyone has plenty of time to withdraw their SCC, rebuild masternodes, setup mining pools, etc.


Please notice: This is the last reminder to send your SCC in time to a platform that supports the swap. You can find all infos and links in the swap article at “Swap Procedure”.


We are happy everything is going as planned and thank everybody for the great cooperation.