StakeCubeCoin Interest enabled

We are happy to inform you that we have activated the Interest App for StakeCubeCoin, with the following conditions:

First interest payment: Sunday 25th October 2020
Payout interval: Daily, random server time
Amount accruing interest: Available balance + Balance in exchange orders
This does not include amounts in Shared Masternodes or Hot nodes
Interest rate: 0.02% daily, compounding (= 7.572% p.a)
SCC MN Bonus: Daily interest bonus increased by +0.001% per registered MN
Minimum: 20 SCC
Limit: 1,000 SCC
Larger amounts will not accrue interest, as they are enough to install a masternode
Income streams:
(to finance payments)
Mining, masternodes and exchange buyback


We’d like to remind you that the use of multiple accounts by the same person is against our AML policies and will result in the irreversible suspension of all linked accounts. You can read all about our AML policies in this article:

StakeCube AML Policy

Happy staking, and happy accruing!