StakeCubeCoin – How to update wallet and masternodes

In this guide we explain how to update your StakeCubeCoin (SCC) core wallet and/or masternode(s):

Core Wallet:
  1. Backup your wallet.dat!
  2. Download the latest wallet release for your operating system
  3. Update the executable
    • Windows: Run the installer or replace the *.exe
    • MacOS: Copy over /Applications/scc-qt
    • Linux: Replace sccd, scc-cli and/or scc-qt
  4. Start the wallet and wait until its fully synced

Note: Our update tool only works for SCC nodes installed via the official multitool and an alias containing “scc”

  1. Log into your VPS
  2. Run: rm
  3. Run: wget
  4. Run: chmod +x
  5. Run: ./
  6. Enter 4 to select the update tool and start the update process with “Return”
  7. Check your masternode(s)
    • wallet version: alias getnetworkinfo (replace alias with your mn alias)
    • masternode status: alias masternode status (replace alias with your mn alias)

Also check and follow exeptional steps described on GitHub for the specific release (if any).