StakeCube Resumes Operations

Over the last few weeks we have been working to assess the situation, as well as to secure the platform under the control of the new management. We have now officially resumed operations, and have restored most of StakeCube’s services. The interest system will remain inactive until we come up with a good plan for it. Ethereum staking will also resume very soon, as there was never anything wrong with that part of the business.

Nevertheless there is still work to be done, such as moving all coins to new wallets and securing them in the hands of multiple people rather than a single point of failure (multi-sig). We can also not move forward without disclosing the existing balances in the wallets, which we present to you right now:

As you can see, although most of the coins are there, there are two coins for which there is a very significant balance deficit. These are XP and GHOST. We received no explanation regarding why so many coins are missing in these wallets, but we can speculate. In the case of XP we think something might have gone wrong with the swap. With GHOST it is more difficult to know but could be something to do with the reward distribution. Distributing too many rewards was an issue in the past, and is also responsible for some of the 9x% balances for other coins.

These missing coins are not a substantial loss compared to the already announced ones. With some work, it should be able to restore those balances in their entirety.

Not all wallet addresses have been updated yet, as we are in the process of moving the coins to new wallets.