StakeCube Exchange Maintenance Finished

Dear StakeCube community.

We have successfully completed the work to our background infrastructure and will proceed to open the exchange again.

As we already informed, the following changes were made:

  • Affiliate contributions migrated to the Exchange
    • Affiliate contribution payouts will start on Monday, the 25th of January and afterwards will be paid at a fixed server time on a daily basis
  • Proof of Stake/Masternodes fee set to 0% from a 4% base rate.
  • Preparation for public upgrade to StakeCube version 3 and API activation on February 1st
    • All balances and open orders will be migrated automatically, you don’t have to take any further action.

While development of the new v3 exchange is complete, we want to give some of you the opportunity to preview and test a beta-version of it one week before the opening date. If you wish to participate, head over to the channel #exchange-frontend-beta where you can apply to join the beta-testing process by posting the following filled out form:

StakeCube username:
Trading experience (choose one): no experience / beginner / intermediate / day trader

Once selected, you will get the “v3-beta-tester” role and will obtain access to a restricted channel with all necessary information.

Testers will not be trading on the beta version of the exchange with their real balances; they will be assigned test coins for this task. Please understand that we can give access only to a few people for organizational reasons. First members will be invited late Monday evening.

Remember that trading fees are 0.1%, down to a minimum of 0.05% if you hold all registered SCC masternodes. Affiliate contributions will be a base of 20% of trading fees up to 30% with all registered SCC masternodes.