StakeCube Airdrops, Syscoin, Phore and general principles.

StakeCube Airdrops

Occasionally blockchain projects will form partnerships or develop new tokens that they will airdrop to their holders as a way of promotion. When this happens for a coin listed on StakeCube it can cause uncertainty in users that believe they need to withdraw their coins in order to participate. This is generally not the case. At StakeCube we do everything we can to provide these airdropped coins to our users so that they don’t have to take any specific action. However sometimes we are not informed of these airdrops by the coin teams, and then it becomes very useful if our community can keep us informed. If you hear of an airdrop being sponsored by one of our listed coins, please open a support ticket and let us know the conditions so that we can provide these coins to our users.

Recently we have been informed of two airdrops, one sponsored by Syscoin and the other one by Phore.


Syscoin has formed a partership with NIX and they will be airdopping NIX to Syscoin masternode holders. We intend to support this airdrop, and also since we were already planning to list NIX, we will do it so that you can receive these airdropped coins directly on StakeCube. Here you can read all the details about this airdrop:


Phore is working on a new blockchain project called Graphene that will be airdropped to their holders. We will support this one as well. Find here more information: