SCC Core v3.1.0 Update

What does the Update Contain?

SCC Core v3.1.0 contains a multitude of feature additions, blockchain-based upgrades and bugfixes, most notably: The preparation of StakeCube Protocol (SCP).

For more in-depth details of the SCC Core v3.1.0 update, please check out the GitHub repo below:

What is StakeCube Protocol (SCP)?

SCP is an upgrade to the StakeCube Blockchain that enables the usage of Smart Contracts, Tokens, DEXs and many, many more powerful features. SCP will run as a hybrid layer 1/2 solution to enhance Smart Contract scalability and ease-of-use like never seen before. We will begin full rollout of SCP in the upcoming weeks of post-v3.1.0 release, with an additional desktop app (and browser app) that connects to your wallet to interact with smart contracts.

StakeCube Protocol is fully open-source under the MPL-2.0 License; you may check out the codebase below:

* Please note: Although the update is not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you apply this upgrade immediately if you are running a Mining Pool or Masternode. Otherwise your nodes will not support SCP transactions, and you will miss on any rewards coming from SCP fees. If you intend to use SCP already at launch, you must also upgrade to v3.1.0 to be able to utilize it.