Introducing a level-up of SCC Bonus Program!

Our community has spoken, and we’ve listened. If you hold more than 10,000 SCC, you’re in for some fantastic benefits!

Now, you can earn up to 10 free nodes with complimentary hosting. That’s one free node for every 5,000 SCC you hold, up to a maximum of 50,000 SCC!

But that’s not all. To make holding 50,000 SCC even more appealing, we’re offering a significant exchange fee reduction. By holding 50,000 SCC, you’ll enjoy a trade fee of 0%! Here’s how it works:

For the first 10,000 SCC, you’ll get a 0.01% reduction per 1,000 SCC.
From 10,000 SCC to 50,000 SCC, you’ll receive a 0.01% reduction per 4,000 SCC.

This adds up to an impressive 0.20% reduction in trade fees when you hold 50,000 SCC, allowing you to trade with absolutely zero fees on the StakeCube Exchange!

Please note that the Bonus Program is continuously under review. We are committed to enhancing the program, and it may change over time to offer more bonuses or adjust existing ones. This flexibility ensures we can adapt to various factors and provide the best rewards to our community.

Check your bonuses on the bonus program page.

For a detailed breakdown of rewards based on your SCC holdings, please refer to the following table: