Wallet Update: ONION

Coin Deep Onion $ONION Version (previous: GitHub-Source https://github.com/deeponion/deeponion Changelog Not available Notes Version 2.2.2 is a maintenance release with the following improvements: DeepSend Protocol improvements Updated Checkpoints Segwit…

Wallet Update: POLIS

Coin Polis pay $POLIS Version (previous: GitHub-Source https://github.com/polispay/polis Changelog Not available Notes Increased protocol at block 774911 Added new block checkpoint. Replaced block difficulty algorithm calculation.

Wallet Update: HCC

Coin Human Charity Coin $HCC Version (previous: GitHub-Source https://github.com/Human-Charity-Coin/HCC-wallet Changelog Not available Notes Bug fixes with wallet opening and closing Updated checkpoints. Updated install and update Masternode scripts

Wallet Update: BTC

Coin Bitcoin $BTC Version (previous: GitHub-Source https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin Changelog https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/master/doc/release-notes/release-notes-0.21.0.md  

Wallet Update: PIVX

Coin PIVX $PIVX Version (previous: Protocol 70920 GitHub-Source https://github.com/PIVX-Project/PIVX Changelog Not found. Notes This is a madatory emergency update. A vulnerability with the budgeting system was discovered and…

Wallet Update: PIVX

Coin PIVX $PIVX Version (previous: Protocol 70920 GitHub-Source https://github.com/PIVX-Project/PIVX Changelog https://github.com/PIVX-Project/PIVX/releases/tag/v5.0.0 Notes PIVX Core v5.0.0 is a mandatory update for all users. This release contains a protocol upgrade…

Wallet Update: ESBC

Coin Electronic Sports Betting Coin $ESBC Version (previous: Protocol 72225 GitHub-Source https://github.com/BlockchainFor/ESBC2 Changelog Not available Notes Mandatory release, new protocol 72225 activation on block 685000, not updated wallets…

Wallet Update: PHR

Coin Phore $PHR Version (previous: Protocol 70008 GitHub-Source https://github.com/phoreproject/Phore Changelog https://github.com/phoreproject/Phore/releases/tag/v1.7.0 Notes v1.7.0 is a mandatory release for all wallets and masternodes. It includes consensus rule changes that…

Wallet Update: XP

Coin eXperience Points $XP Version (previous: Protocol 70917 GitHub-Source https://github.com/experience-points-development/eXperience-Points Changelog Not available Notes This is not a protocol changing upgrade. Upgrading is not required. Included in this…

Wallet Update: RPD

Coin Rapids $RPD Version (previous: GitHub-Source https://github.com/RapidsOfficial/Rapids Changelog Not available Notes duplicate transaction fix