Wallet Update: VITAE

Coin Vitae $VITAE Version (previous: GitHub-Source https://github.com/VitaeTeam/Vitae Changelog https://github.com/vitaeteam/vitae/releases Notes This is a new MANDATORY release for all wallets, masternodes and fundamentalnodes, with improvements to the staking consensus…

Wallet Update: DOGE

Coin Dogecoin $DOGE Version (previous: Much update. GitHub-Source https://github.com/dogecoin/dogecoin Changelog https://github.com/dogecoin/dogecoin/releases/tag/v1.14.3 Wow! Notes Non-mandatory update.  

Wallet Update: NAV

Coin Navcoin $NAV Version (previous: GitHub-Source https://github.com/navcoin/navcoin-core Changelog https://github.com/navcoin/navcoin-core/releases/tag/6.0.2

Wallet Update: LUX

Coin Luxcore $LUX Version (previous: Protocol 70102 GitHub-Source https://github.com/LUX-Core/lux Changelog Not available Notes This is an official mandatory Release Build for the LUX Desktop Wallet [Consensus] Added new…

Wallet Update: NAV

Coin Navcoin $NAV Version (previous: GitHub-Source https://github.com/navcoin/navcoin-core Changelog https://github.com/navcoin/navcoin-core/releases/tag/6.0.0

Wallet Update: NEBL

Coin Neblio $NEBL Version (previous: GitHub-Source https://github.com/NeblioTeam/neblio Changelog Not available Notes This is a mandatory upgrade. Older versions are not compatible with Cold Staking Network Upgrade. This release…

Wallet Update: PRIV

Coin PRiVCY $PRIV Version (previous: GitHub-Source https://github.com/privcycoin/privcy Changelog Not available Notes None

Wallet Update: SEND

Coin Social Send $SEND Version (previous: Protocol 70821 GitHub-Source https://github.com/SocialSend/SocialSend Changelog https://github.com/SocialSend/SocialSend/releases/tag/v1.2.1.5 Notes SocialSend v1.2.1.5 is a pending mandatory update that includes consensus rule changes. Increment client version…

Wallet Update: ONION

Coin Deep Onion $ONION Version (previous: GitHub-Source https://github.com/deeponion/deeponion Changelog Not available Notes Version 2.2.2 is a maintenance release with the following improvements: DeepSend Protocol improvements Updated Checkpoints Segwit…

Wallet Update: POLIS

Coin Polis pay $POLIS Version (previous: GitHub-Source https://github.com/polispay/polis Changelog Not available Notes Increased protocol at block 774911 Added new block checkpoint. Replaced block difficulty algorithm calculation.